Properly sending mail via Exim/Sendmail from WordPress and others

In this article I want to describe what I just learned about sending mails from WordPress (or any other application running on a server) via a locally running mail server. I try to show most of the steps I took to diagnose the problem and also to give some background information, as it might be [...]

Eclipse: An error has occured

From time to time, it will happen that a running instance of Eclipse is not shut down properly. It might be due to a power failure, a system crash or some other sort of unfortunate event where Eclipse does not get a chance to write its current state to disk. Whatever the reason is, most [...]

Performance of the RMI alternative SIMON

I was searching for a more or less drop-in replacement for Java’s RMI, as its API is a bit unwieldy in some points and its performance is, at least for my purposes, not ideal. Mind you, I still think RMI is quite good in general, especially as it kind of works out of the box [...]

Esper: Manually controlling time-keeping

I am using the complex event processing software library Esper for quite some time now, but I still find new features as well as strange behaviors every few days. One thing that is really great about Esper is its configurability and extensibility. There is almost nothing you can’t configure or change and it gives you [...]

Actracktive: A highly configurable real-time computer vision platform

The last two years I have been working with interactive tabletops, like the one of my colleague Johannes Luderschmidt. One thing we more or less constantly struggle with is to get the touch/fiducial tracking working properly. As all our setups involve camera-based, optical tracking, this all comes down to doing image processing and applying computer [...]

Visiting Seoul, Korea

Today I arrived in Seoul, South Korea. I am here for a four weeks research stay at the HCI lab of the Konkuk University together with Nadia, a colleague of mine. The stay is part of a joint research project between the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and Konkuk University, and one of our goals [...]

Clean Code: Comments about some “smells”

In the last article I introduced the highly recommendable book “Clean Code” written by Robert C. Martin. While I tried to essentially describe what the book is about and what’s so great about it, I would like to comment on some of his so-called “code smells”. I do not want to challenge the quality of [...]

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftmanship

As a software developer you are facing many different tasks you have to deal with. Requirements have to be gathered, architectures created, algorithms selected or designed, tests specified, changes considered and finally (and not to an insignificant part) code created and modified. Like in the other areas of software development, one question arises also in [...]

Printing from Mac OS X to Ubuntu 10.04

When I just wanted to install the shared network printer on my wife’s new MacBook Pro, I was pretty much at a loss. The printer just didn’t want to show up in the list of available printers, even though I can see and use it without any problems from my laptop (also a MacBook Pro). [...]

Color Scheme Designer

Just re-discovered: the Color Scheme Designer. This nice tool immensely helps selecting a coherent color scheme for websites, documents, diagrams and many more. As a nice extra feature, it allows to see the colors with the eyes of a color blind person, which allows to early avoid accessibility problems.

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